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About Us

Vanishing Point is Scotland’s foremost artist-led independent theatre company, internationally recognised and acclaimed for its distinctive, ground-breaking and visionary work. Our mission is to create world class, international theatre, led by director Matthew Lenton.


‘one of the UK’s most singular theatre companies’ The Guardian

Established in 1999, the Company has developed an international reputation for creating bold and ambitious performances that are visceral, visual and entertaining. We explore our contemporary society through a unique lens of abstraction, imagery and text, creating worlds that resemble our own, but are magical and sometimes surreal. We produce highly visual, multimedia theatre infused with haunting poetic visions.

‘an international force’  The Herald

Our perspective is international and multicultural. We collaborate with artists and producers from other countries and cultures, us travelling to them and them to us, thereby enriching life experiences, artistic experiences, the diversity of our respective cultures and the experience of our audiences. We create work that overcomes language barriers and communicates across cultures.

‘In overcoming differences of language, Lenton has developed a theatre of soundless voyeurism, defying every rule of drama… brave and relentless, terrible and necessary’ The Scotsman on Wonderland

Our work has been created and performed in over 20 countries with leading international festivals and venues including Edinburgh International Festival, Buenos Aires International Festival, Santiago A Mil, BOZAR Arts (Brussels), Theatre de la Ville (Paris), Stanislavsky Season Festival (Moscow), National Theatre of Portugal (Porto) & Brighton Festival.

What’s Important

There is no formula to the way we work. We think that if our shows start to resemble each other closely, it's because we're not striving hard enough to find a truthful connection between form and content - the content of each new show is different. So too should the form be. Simply, each time we begin working on a show, we create form and content together, so that each influences and unlocks the other. 

If there is something constant in our work, it is an attraction to abstraction, visual and aural poetry and a rejection of naturalism.  There is also the rejection of conventional ‘structure’ and received notions of what ‘drama’ or ‘a play’ should be and there is the appeal of darkness, imaginative and physical.

  • There is the belief that there should be space for an audience to ‘dream on’ to what they see, that not everything should be explained, that not everything is explainable.
  • There is the belief that watching our work should be like watching dance, without the apparent choreography but with the same meticulous significance of action, or like standing in front of a painting, which begins to move when somebody plays some music. But not like a play.
  • There is a belief in hard work and a commitment to supporting artists who do not come from a background of privilege or wealth.
  • There is a belief that ‘doing it your own way’ is better than going through the system.
  • There is the belief that critics should engage with the invitation the artist is making, and not judge things by their own standards.
  • There is a belief in the mystery and privacy of the creative and artistic process. It is not something we want to share with everyone. The rehearsal room is an intimate, private place where, primarily, everyone must feel comfortable – to experiment, to make mistakes, to discover, to improvise, play and finally to make something beautiful, moving and mysterious for audiences.
  • There is a belief that creativity and creative thinking runs through everything and belongs to everyone - not only the artists making the shows, but the producers, operational team and technicians, whose creative thinking and big ideas help propel the company forward.

Who we are

Core Team

Creative Associates


We work with a team of regular collaborators who enable us to realise our artistic vision. 

Board of Directors

Gillian McCormack (Chair); Victoria BeesleyCamille MateosRamesh MeyyappanFrancis McKee; Harriet MouldJudith Patrickson; Caroline Thompson; Mark Thomson


To find our upcoming work and opportunities, sign up to our mailing list

We are unable to accept unsolicited C.V.'s  However, if you would like to invite us to see your work, please invite us by emailing  We receive many invitations so unfortunately we can’t R.S.V.P to every invitation.  

In 2019, Vanishing Point launched New Directions, an initiative that will provide training, employment and opportunities for an emerging director based in Scotland. Details of future opportunities will be announced here and on our social media pages. 

If you are a set, lighting, sound, AV or costume designer and would like to worth with us, please send us your C.V. along with information about your work to If we are interested in working with you, we will try to see your work.

Production staff
If you are a Production Manager, Stage Manager or Technician and would like to work with us, please send your C.V. and covering letter to and we will contact you should any suitable opportunities arise.


Making our work

Naturally, it begins with an idea about something. It can be an image, a dream, a piece of text, even a feeling. Usually, it is something rooted in social reality, a subject which, through the course of creation, is ‘filtered through a unique lens of abstraction’.

The idea or subject matter is explored through an initial development week, when possible. After that week, there is a period for reflection and consideration before a further development period. During this second period, we go into more depth and become a little more focused on the ideas that have interested us. Also at this stage, we bring things into the rehearsal room - whatever it might be - that can help us develop further the form we are interested in. For example, for Tomorrow, we began experimenting with the prosthetic masks, which were to become such an important part of the show.

For Interiors, which takes place behind a large window, we started to work with a cheap, transparent shower curtain that helped us make discoveries about how this idea could work. For The Destroyed Room, we introduced cameras, live feeds, monitors and projectors. The introduction of these elements begins to influence the formation of the work and a distinctive language begins to emerge. All the time, actors are improvising and generating material. Sometimes these improvisations are carefully structured. More often they are chaotic, sometimes fruitless, occasionally brilliant, but always persistent, conducted - as they are happening - by the director. Sometimes the actors are improvising directly with each other, sometimes with the elements in the room, until gradually, we begin to get a sense of how these elements can come together to create a poetic whole. During this period, our designers begin to experiment with scenic, visual, video and sound design. The final development period is the rehearsal period, which leads up to the first previews of the show. Even after previews, the show continues to evolve as the audience begins to influence the work.

Performance, the nature of performance, changes from show to show and so does the notion of ‘acting’. ‘Acting’ is whatever it needs to be to achieve the thing you need to achieve. For example, Interiors takes place behind a glass screen, as if the audience is looking in on the action around a dinner table. The audience can see the performers, but cannot hear them. This was not a sound-proofed box, as many people thought, but the actors effectively muting their voices and speaking to each other naturally, but completely silently - the result of a great deal of work. It involved a keen sense of peripheral awareness (a common element in our work) and the rejection of many ‘rules’ about acting or performance. For example, if one actor spoke to another in an improvisation, she might say, ‘How’s your mother, I’ve heard she’s ill in hospital?’ The second actor will, of course, have no idea of what the first has said, but must commit to a response nevertheless. He might say, ‘Yes, I saw it last night, it was really good’. So the conversation doesn’t make sense in a conventional way, but begins to build up a picture for the viewer, within the context of a visual story. This was a challenging experience for the actors, deprived of their voices and of direct contact with an audience. Nuanced, sometimes even microscopic, physical action became crucial, as did an understanding of what was needed physically to help express an idea (that the audience wouldn’t otherwise understand) without reverting to mime. The discipline and technique involved in this is considerable. Finally, a conclusion that would normally take two actors forty lines of dialogue to reach convincingly, could only take three or four – otherwise the audience would simply see two people taking, without any idea of what they were talking about. This meant actors sometimes feeling they were not convincing each other. They had to make a leap, to accept that ‘time’ was somehow accelerated when they were ‘in the room’. And they became good at this kind of ‘acting’.

Tomorrow involves the actors wearing realistic prosthetic masks, which are strikingly placed onto them during the show, so that the audience is completely aware of the young actor beneath. This was the central metaphor of the show and it meant some very good actors spending a lot of time sitting quite still in masks. The actors could not speak convincingly in the masks, because voices were too muffled, so we had to discover ways in which speech took on different qualities. Once again, this began to change preconceptions about ‘performance’ or ‘acting’. The show became more and more abstract and ‘musical’.

These are just two examples of how the nature of performance is constantly changing and evolving within our ‘process’ – being re-invented each time.

Actors are at the centre of our work - their improvisations generate a great deal of the material for the shows - yet in a performance they are one element of the architecture in which scenic, visual and aural elements are at least equally important. One critic, Joyce McMillan, said of our work, ‘in a sense, what Matthew Lenton is producing is no longer living theatre. In overcoming differences of language, he has developed a theatre of soundless voyeurism that robs actors of the chance to connect directly with audiences. What emerges instead is a visual and aural poem’. This may or may not be true (we like to think it is!) yet actors remain the lifeblood of the creation process. Their work interacts and intertwines with that of the other artists, who help to create a unique, distinctive and constantly evolving architecture on the stage.

In the end, we think of our process as being like ‘writing in 3-D’. Critics (in the UK at least) often still seek to know who the ‘text’ was by, to ascribe main authorship to the person who wrote the words on the page. But our work is really not made like this. It really is more like a potter who throws a lump of clay onto a wheel. She might not know exactly what she is making, but she knows what she doesn’t want to make. So she pulls off pieces of clay and when she’s ready, begins to shape something, until finally the form appears. This process is collaborative, but not a democracy. The main author, the orchestrator, of Vanishing Point’s work, is the director.

Information For Promoters 

To enable us to better realise our artistic vision and to celebrate diversity and cultural exchange we aim to continually develop new relationships with partners, collaborators, co-producers and audiences across the world.

Led by Artistic Director, Matthew Lenton, we work with a regular team of creative associates and have developed work and toured our productions around the world, including Brazil, Russia, China and across Europe. We work with students, independent artists, small, mid & large scale venues and festivals across the world.

Current productions available for touring include Tabula Rasa, TomorrowInteriors and The Dark Carnival: Unplugged. Whether you are interested in finding out more about developing a partnership, presenting our work or collaborating on something new we are interested to hear from you. In the first instance please contact us on


Where We've Been:

Paris, Reims, Quimper (France); Porto, Lisbon, Guimares (Portugal); Naples, Modena, Bologna, Rome, Udine (Italy); Beijing, Shanghai (China); Seoul (South Korea); Lodz (Poland); Santiago (Chile); Buenos Aries (Argentina); Moscow (Russia); Brussels (Belgium); Sau Paulo, Brasilia (Brazil); Lugano (Switzerland); Prishtina (Kosovo); Tbilisi (Georgia); Colombo (Sri Lanka); Skopje (Macedonia); Ajaccio (Corsica), plus all over Scotland. 


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The Dark Carnival: Unplugged***/our-work/the-dark-carnival-unplugged/***13 May, 2019***

Isle of Eigg Community Hall
Presented by Isle of Eigg Residents Association

Interiors***/our-work/interiors/***24 November - 25 November, 2014***

The 3rd International Festival of World Classics: New Classics of Europe

Interiors***/our-work/interiors/***17 October - 20 October, 2013***

Teatro Municipal de las Condes, Santiago A Mil

Interiors***/our-work/interiors/***11 October - 13 October, 2013***

Teatro Regio, Buenos Aires International Festival

Interiors***/our-work/interiors/***26 October - 28 October, 2012***

Stanislavsky Season International Theatre Festival, Moscow, Russia

Interiors***/our-work/interiors/***20 April - 21 April, 2012***

BOZAR, Brussels, Belgium

Interiors***/our-work/interiors/***18 May - 22 May, 2011***

Teatro Eliseo, Rome, Italy

Interiors***/our-work/interiors/***12 May - 13 May, 2011***

Teatro Storchi, Modena, Italy

Interiors***/our-work/interiors/***02 November - 06 November, 2010***

Theatre de la Ville, Paris

Interiors***/our-work/interiors/***20 October - 21 October, 2010***

Unity Theatre, Liverpool

Interiors***/our-work/interiors/***15 October - 16 October, 2010***

Canolflan Celfyddydau, Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Aberystwyth

Interiors***/our-work/interiors/***08 October - 09 October, 2010***

Eden Court, Inverness

Interiors***/our-work/interiors/***29 September - 02 October, 2010***

Tramway, Glasgow

Interiors***/our-work/interiors/***22 September, 2010***

PLATFORM at The Bridge, Easterhouse

Interiors***/our-work/interiors/***10 June - 14 June, 2009***

Napoli Teatro Festival ltalia, Sannazaro Theatre, Naples

Interiors***/our-work/interiors/***12 May - 16 May, 2009***

Tron Theatre, Glasgow

Interiors***/our-work/interiors/***21 April - 09 May, 2009***

Lyric Hammersmith, London

Interiors***/our-work/interiors/***17 April, 2009***

The Lemon Tree, Aberdeen

Interiors***/our-work/interiors/***15 April, 2009***

macrobert, Stirling

Interiors***/our-work/interiors/***03 April - 11 April, 2009***

Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh

Tomorrow***/our-work/tomorrow/***11 November - 12 November, 2016***

Beijing Tianqiao Performing Arts Centre

Tomorrow***/our-work/tomorrow/***17 November - 18 November, 2016***

Shanghai Baiyulan Theatre

Tomorrow***/our-work/tomorrow/***10 August - 30 August, 2015***

Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh
Part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and the Made in Scotland Showcase

Tomorrow***/our-work/tomorrow/***03 October - 11 October, 2014***

Tramway, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Tomorrow***/our-work/tomorrow/***06 September - 07 September, 2014***

SESC Santana, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Tomorrow***/our-work/tomorrow/***28 August - 30 August, 2014***

Cena Contemporanea, Brasilia, Brazil

Tomorrow***/our-work/tomorrow/***21 May - 25 May, 2014***

Brighton Dome Corn Exchange, Brighton Festival, Brighton, England, UK

The Destroyed Room***/our-work/the-destroyed-room/***19 February - 20 February, 2016***

Eden Court, Inverness
01463 234 234

The Beautiful Cosmos of Ivor Cutler***/our-work/the-beautiful-cosmos-of-ivor-cutler/***13 May - 17 May, 2015***

Theatre Royal, Brighton, Brighton Festival, England, UK

The Beautiful Cosmos of Ivor Cutler***/our-work/the-beautiful-cosmos-of-ivor-cutler/***29 April - 03 May, 2014***

Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

The Beautiful Cosmos of Ivor Cutler***/our-work/the-beautiful-cosmos-of-ivor-cutler/***25 April, 2014***

Macrobert Arts Centre, Stirling, Scotland, UK

The Beautiful Cosmos of Ivor Cutler***/our-work/the-beautiful-cosmos-of-ivor-cutler/***23 April, 2014***

Beacon Arts Centre, Greenock, Scotland, UK

The Beautiful Cosmos of Ivor Cutler***/our-work/the-beautiful-cosmos-of-ivor-cutler/***09 April - 19 April, 2014***

Citizens Theatre, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

***55.851523*** -4.253619
The Beautiful Cosmos of Ivor Cutler***/our-work/the-beautiful-cosmos-of-ivor-cutler/***04 April - 05 April, 2014***

Eden Court, Inverness, Scotland, UK

Macbeth (Beijing)***/our-work/macbeth-beijing/***23 March - 03 April, 2015***

National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts, Beijing

Wonderland***/our-work/wonderland/***22 June - 24 June, 2012***

Napoli Teatro Festival Italia
Naples, ITALY

Wonderland***/our-work/wonderland/***21 August - 22 August, 2012***

Eden Court
Inverness, SCOTLAND, UK

Wonderland***/our-work/wonderland/***26 August - 01 September, 2012***

Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh
Part of Edinburgh International Festival

Wonderland***/our-work/wonderland/***26 September - 29 September, 2012***

Tramway, Glasgow, SCOTLAND, UK

Entartet created by Kai Fischer***/our-work/entartet-created-by-kai-fischer/***06 November - 10 November, 2013***

Bonhoga, Shetland

Ecole des Maitres***/our-work/ecole-des-maitres/***02 August - 19 August, 2010***

Stage a Udine, Teatro S. Giorgio

Ecole des Maitres***/our-work/ecole-des-maitres/***19 August, 2010***

Udine, Teatro S. Giorgio

Ecole des Maitres***/our-work/ecole-des-maitres/***30 August - 07 September, 2010***

stage a Napoli, Teatro Sannazaro

Ecole des Maitres***/our-work/ecole-des-maitres/***08 September, 2010***

presentazione pubblica a Napoli, Teatro Sannazaro

Ecole des Maitres***/our-work/ecole-des-maitres/***11 September, 2010***

presentazione pubblica a Bruxelles

Ecole des Maitres***/our-work/ecole-des-maitres/***14 September, 2010***

presentazione pubblica a Lisbona, Teatro Nacional D. Maria II

Ecole des Maitres***/our-work/ecole-des-maitres/***07 September - 10 September, 2010***

stage a Reims, La Comédie de Reims

Ecole des Maitres***/our-work/ecole-des-maitres/***11 December, 2010***

presentazione pubblica a Reims, La Comédie de Reims

Saturday Night***/our-work/saturday-night/***15 September - 18 September, 2011***

Teatro Nacional Sao Joao, Porto, Portugal

Saturday Night***/our-work/saturday-night/***22 September - 25 September, 2011***

Teatro Sao Luiz, Lisbon, Portugal

Saturday Night***/our-work/saturday-night/***30 September, 2011***

Centro Cultural Vila Flor, Guimaraes, Portugal

Saturday Night***/our-work/saturday-night/***12 October - 15 October, 2011***

Tramway, Glasgow, UK

Saturday Night***/our-work/saturday-night/***19 October, 2011***

Macrobert, Stirling, UK

Saturday Night***/our-work/saturday-night/***26 October - 27 October, 2011***

Eden Court, Inverness, UK

Saturday Night***/our-work/saturday-night/***29 October - 30 October, 2011***

Traverse, Edinburgh, UK

Odisseia : Teatro Du Mundo***/our-work/odisseia-teatro-du-mundo/***20 May, 2011***

Mosteiro de Sao Bento, Porto

Rustaveli Theatre Project***/our-work/rustaveli-theatre-project/***14 March - 19 March, 2010***

Rustaveli Theatre, Tbilisi

The Beggars Opera***/our-work/the-beggars-opera/***12 September - 03 October, 2009***

Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh

The Beggars Opera***/our-work/the-beggars-opera/***09 October - 24 October, 2009***

Belgrade Theatre, Coventry

The Beggars Opera***/our-work/the-beggars-opera/***28 October - 28 October, 2009***

Tramway, Glasgow

Little Otik***/our-work/little-otik/***18 June - 21 June, 2008***

Sherman Theatre, Cardiff

Little Otik***/our-work/little-otik/***05 June - 07 June, 2008***

Perth Theatre, Perth

Little Otik***/our-work/little-otik/***03 June - 03 June, 2008***

Eden Court, Inverness

Little Otik***/our-work/little-otik/***21 May - 31 May, 2008***

Citizen’s Theatre, Glasgow

Subway***/our-work/subway/***14 August - 26 August, 2007***

Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh (Fringe Festival)

Subway***/our-work/subway/***03 September, 2007***

The Lemon Tree, Aberdeen

Subway***/our-work/subway/***04 September - 08 September, 2007***

Tron Theatre, Glasgow

Subway***/our-work/subway/***13 September - 27 September, 2007***

Lyric Hammersmith, London

Mancub by Douglas Maxwell***/our-work/mancub-by-douglas-maxwell/***25 October, 2006***

Sanquhar Town Hall, Dumfries & Galloway

Mancub by Douglas Maxwell***/our-work/mancub-by-douglas-maxwell/***20 October, 2006***

Middlebie Village Hall, Dumfries & Galloway

Mancub by Douglas Maxwell***/our-work/mancub-by-douglas-maxwell/***14 October, 2006***

Fisherman’s Hall, Buckie

Mancub by Douglas Maxwell***/our-work/mancub-by-douglas-maxwell/***10 October, 2006***

Tullynessle & Forbes Village Hall

Mancub by Douglas Maxwell***/our-work/mancub-by-douglas-maxwell/***06 October, 2006***

New Deer Public Hall, Aberdeenshire

Mancub by Douglas Maxwell***/our-work/mancub-by-douglas-maxwell/***04 October, 2006***

Bettridge Centre, Newtonhill, Aberdeenshire

Mancub by Douglas Maxwell***/our-work/mancub-by-douglas-maxwell/***27 September, 2006***

Thurso High School

Mancub by Douglas Maxwell***/our-work/mancub-by-douglas-maxwell/***22 September, 2006***

Victoria Hall, Cromarty

Mancub by Douglas Maxwell***/our-work/mancub-by-douglas-maxwell/***20 September, 2006***

Sabhal Mor Ostaig, Skye

Mancub by Douglas Maxwell***/our-work/mancub-by-douglas-maxwell/***13 September, 2006***

Ballachulliish Village Hall

***56.6788500*** -5.1297250
Mancub by Douglas Maxwell***/our-work/mancub-by-douglas-maxwell/***07 September, 2006***

North Edinburgh Arts Centre

Mancub by Douglas Maxwell***/our-work/mancub-by-douglas-maxwell/***24 August - 04 September, 2006***

Platform at the Bridge, Easterhouse

Mancub by Douglas Maxwell***/our-work/mancub-by-douglas-maxwell/***31 May - 18 June, 2005***

Soho Theatre, London

Mancub by Douglas Maxwell***/our-work/mancub-by-douglas-maxwell/***25 May - 28 May, 2005***

Tron Theatre, Glasgow

Mancub by Douglas Maxwell***/our-work/mancub-by-douglas-maxwell/***19 May, 2005***

Melton Theatre, Leicester

Mancub by Douglas Maxwell***/our-work/mancub-by-douglas-maxwell/***17 May, 2005***

macrobert Arts Centre, Stirling

Mancub by Douglas Maxwell***/our-work/mancub-by-douglas-maxwell/***13 May, 2005***

The Palace Theatre, Kilmarnock

Mancub by Douglas Maxwell***/our-work/mancub-by-douglas-maxwell/***10 May, 2005***

Eden Court, Inverness

Mancub by Douglas Maxwell***/our-work/mancub-by-douglas-maxwell/***05 May - 07 May, 2005***

Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh

Lost Ones***/our-work/lost-ones/***05 April - 08 April, 2006***

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Lost Ones***/our-work/lost-ones/***17 March - 18 March, 2006***

Skopje, Macedonia

Lost Ones***/our-work/lost-ones/***13 March - 14 March, 2006***

Prishtina, Kosovo

Lost Ones***/our-work/lost-ones/***19 October - 20 October, 2005***

Battersea Arts Centre, London

Lost Ones***/our-work/lost-ones/***14 October, 2005***

Gilmorehill G12, Glasgow

Lost Ones***/our-work/lost-ones/***11 October - 12 October, 2005***

Unity Theatre, Liverpool

Lost Ones***/our-work/lost-ones/***01 October, 2005***

Brunton Theatre, Musselburgh

Lost Ones***/our-work/lost-ones/***27 September, 2005***

Carnegie Hall, Dunfermline

Lost Ones***/our-work/lost-ones/***23 September, 2005***

Cumbernauld Theatre

Lost Ones***/our-work/lost-ones/***21 September, 2005***

Gaeity Theatre, Ayr

Lost Ones***/our-work/lost-ones/***17 September, 2005***

The Palace Theatre, Kilmarnock

Lost Ones***/our-work/lost-ones/***06 September - 07 September, 2005***

Dundee Rep, Dundee

Lost Ones***/our-work/lost-ones/***08 August - 28 August, 2005***

Pleasance Grand
Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Lost Ones***/our-work/lost-ones/***06 November, 2004***

The Hat Factory, Luton

Lost Ones***/our-work/lost-ones/***29 October, 2004***

Eastgate Theatre, Peebles

Stars Beneath the Sea***/our-work/stars-beneath-the-sea/***20 May - 21 May, 2003***

Leeds Metropolitan University, Studio Theatre

Stars Beneath the Sea***/our-work/stars-beneath-the-sea/***15 May - 15 May, 2003***

Junction, Cambridge Drama Centre

Invisible Man***/our-work/invisible-man/***18 April, 2003***

Festival OuestNordOuest
Scene nationale de Quimper

Invisible Man***/our-work/invisible-man/***23 January - 24 January, 2003***

L’agha Theatre
Ajaccio, Corsica

Blackout***/our-work/blackout/***18 March, 2003***

Aros Centre, Portree, Skye

Blackout***/our-work/blackout/***22 March, 2000***

Lochside Theatre, Castle Douglas

Blackout***/our-work/blackout/***24 March - 25 March, 2000***

Wynd Theatre, Melrose