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Sustainability & The Environment

Vanishing Point undertakes to minimise the impact of its work on the environment and to communicate about its work in this area to all staff, artists, associates, peers and audiences. 

  • We aim to reduce our impact on the environment by minimising waste, unnecessary travel and energy use
  • We expect our staff and the artists we work with to support us in this aim
  • We will share stories about our work in this area with our audiences

Some of the things we do

Provide reusable drinking bottles
In 2019, we have teamed up with GiveMeTap to create co-branded water bottles. We are giving these to all our staff so that don't bring single use plastic drinking bottles to any work space.  

Provide kitchen facilities
We provide kitchen facilities for all of our staff and artists wherever they are working and encourage everyone to use them. This reduces waste from shop-bought packaged lunches and take-away coffee cups.

We travel a lot. We travel locally, nationally and internationally. Our core-staff travel to work, to meetings and to the theatre – sometimes this means traveling to a different country. Our artists travel from their home (which may not be in the UK) to rehearsals and to perform in theatres around the world. We have a policy in place that means we think about how we do this. We walk wherever we can. And if we can’t walk, we take public transport. Sometimes it is necessary to take a taxi, but we only do this if it is crucial. We ask our artists to take the train if traveling within the UK and we always consider environmental factors when making decisions about international flights. We monitor all travel so that we are aware of the carbon emissions we are producing. All staff are expected to adhere to our Travel Policy.

We recycle as much as possible. In our office, 60% of our waste is recycled. We aim to increase this to 80% over the next two years. All of our sets are recycled or reused.

Sourcing set & props
Most of our sets are created using recycled materials. Our props tend to be reused from our own stock, borrowed or sourced second hand from charity shops or eBay.

Vanishing Point is a member of the Green Arts Initiative run by Creative Carbon Scotland

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