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Wonderland begins with the mystery of a young woman, leaving home and embarking on a dangerous journey.

‘In another moment down went Alice, never once considering how in the world she was to get out again’

Meanwhile, a couple go about the routine of their lives, surrounded by a dark and mysterious world in which anything is possible and anything goes.

Wonderland examines the allure of the erotic and the invasion of pornography into modern popular culture. It is a mystery about a door that – once opened – is almost impossible to close, a story about curiosity, power and the moment fiction and make-believe blur into reality.

That door leads to a dark place,
A dark and exciting place
But once you open it
Once you enter that place
You can’t come back
Things will not be the same anymore.

Created by an international team of artists, Wonderland is a dark, mysterious and magical show.

Creating Wonderland by Justyna Mytnik

Performance dates

22 June - 24 June, 2012

Napoli Teatro Festival Italia
Naples, ITALY

21 August - 22 August, 2012

Eden Court
Inverness, SCOTLAND, UK

26 August - 01 September, 2012

Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh
Part of Edinburgh International Festival

26 September - 29 September, 2012

Tramway, Glasgow, SCOTLAND, UK


'In a sense, what Matthew Lenton is producing is no longer living theatre. In overcoming differences of language, he has developed a theatre of soundless voyeurism that robs actors of the chance to connect directly with audiences; what emerges instead is a visual and aural poem – stunningly designed here by Kai Fischer and Mark Melville – that dwells relentlessly on a single note of alienation and despair, defying every rule of drama… Its story is of a naive man who fails to resist the reductive lies about male sexuality implicit in the porn he uses, and of a confused girl who believes that this commercialised vileness represents freedom. If resistance to such lies has to begin somewhere, Lenton’s brave and relentless show may just be one of those starting-places; bleak, terrible, and necessary.'
★ The Scotsman

'A brave and deeply serious theatrical meditation on the uglier aspects of the sex industry today.'
 The Herald

'This new theatrical work from Vanishing Point makes a tremendous impression… A meditation on pornography, exploitation and sexual aggression and shame dressed in the skin of a dream-like allusion to Alice in Wonderland, it could only have been taken seriously were it at times deeply uncomfortable to watch… Matthew Lenton builds the tension with a masterful, slow moving grace… the urge was to discuss every fine detail afterwards.'
The Independent

'This is hardcore. Not in terms of what is seen but in what Lenton forces his audience to imagine. A superb set by Kai Fischer and throbbing, ominous music and sound from Mark Melville only enhance the experience. A darkly disturbing production, expertly realised.'
The Stage

'Vanishing Point Theatre Company have stamped their own unique approach onthe tale of Alice in Wonderland and created a strong and bold dramatic interpretation. The conclusion is left somewhat ambiguous, but this results in a formidable and powerful performance.'
The Skinny

'With only a few days of the Edinburgh Festivals left, this new theatrical work by Scottish company Vanishing Point and its artistic director Matthew Lenton seems to be shaping up as one of the most divisive presented during the entire month of August. Apparently alienating traditionalists for its unflinching treatment of a difficult subject matter and a devised narrative which treads over into the outright experimental, those of a stronger constitution seem to be praising it for exactly those reasons.'
The Arts Journal

'Visually, the work is appropriately hallucinatory, brilliantly evoking the feeling of gradual entrapment, claustrophobic panic, the savagery lurking beneath the everyday.'
Financial Times

'Matthew Lenton’s production excels in its impressionistic visions of people caught in a pornographic arms race as they seek ever greater levels of degradation.'
The Guardian



Created by Vanishing Point
A co-production with Napoli Teatro Festival Italia, Tramway and Edinburgh International Festival
In association with Eden Court

Conceived and directed by Matthew Lenton
Set, lighting and projection designer Kai Fischer
Composer and sound designer Mark Melville
Costume designer Becky Minto
Dramaturg Nicola McCartney
Assistant Director Rebecca Morris

Gabriel Da Costa, Flávia Gusmão, Pauline Goldsmith, Paul Thomas Hickey,
Jenny Hulse, Damir Todorović and Owen Whitelaw

Production Manager Fiona Fraser
Stage Manager Lee Davis
Deputy Stage Manager Catherine Devereux
Lighting technician Rory Kay
Video technician Sam Jeffs
Sound technician Ross Ramsay
Photography Tommy Ga-Ken Wan / Francesco Squeglia
Graphic Design Greenlight Creative
International Distributor Aldo Grompone
Manager / Producer Severine Wyper
Projects Manager Eleanor Scott
Press Manager New Century PR



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