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Tomorrow explores what it is to grow old and be cared for, in a world where myth and spirituality have been subsumed by what we all know to be true – that we are born, we live and we die.

Vanishing Point explores this subject through the dreamlike scenario of a young man who suddenly finds himself in an alarmingly unfamiliar place. A place where everyone seems to know him and where strange rules apply. Where everyone seems to have his best interests at heart, but he is not at liberty to leave.

A major international co-production between Vanishing Point, Cena Contemporânea (Brasilia), Brighton Festival and Tramway, in association with the Stanislavsky Festival (Moscow), Tomorrow is a striking meditation on growing old, dementia, needing care and needing to care.

Performance dates

11 November - 12 November, 2016

Beijing Tianqiao Performing Arts Centre

17 November - 18 November, 2016

Shanghai Baiyulan Theatre

10 August - 30 August, 2015

Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh
Part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and the Made in Scotland Showcase

03 October - 11 October, 2014

Tramway, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

06 September - 07 September, 2014

SESC Santana, Sao Paulo, Brazil

28 August - 30 August, 2014

Cena Contemporanea, Brasilia, Brazil

21 May - 25 May, 2014

Brighton Dome Corn Exchange, Brighton Festival, Brighton, England, UK

24 January, 2014

Work-in-progress presentation
Tramway, Glasgow


'This latest piece from Vanishing Point, one of the UK’s most singular theatre companies, is brutally beautiful and makes you shiver'
★★★★ The Guardian 

'a level of artistry that leaves audiences almost breathless, and often moved to tears'
★★★★ The Scotsman

‘a theatrical masterpiece…I came away from this marvelling at the sheer power of theatre’
★★★★★ FringeReview

The Stage

'a beautifully stark and unsentimental abstraction of human behaviour turned inside, that’s about the loss of the self as much as those departed'
★★★★ The Herald

'without a shadow of doubt, this was the quietest audience I’ve ever been part of. The entire auditorium was filled, yet everyone was as silent as statues. They sat speechless with brows furrowed throughout. Vanishing Point has set a wake-up call… Life is short, don’t waste your time.'
★★★★★ A Younger Theatre

'it’s worth doing anything to secure a ticket'
★★★★★ The Telegraph

'visionary…an integral spectacle of this year’s Fringe' 
★★★★★ Fest Mag

'Tomorrow mixes the realistic with the impressionistic, the grimly funny with the desperate, and does it all with extraordinary elegance and empathy' 
★★★★ The Times

'visually stunning…at once mesmerising, horrifying and spectacular'
★★★★ The Skinny

★★★★ British Theatre Guide

'magical, realist wonder…a strangely gorgeous vision…its power is undeniable'
★★★★ TimeOut

'Tomorrow is a poignant examination of what happens when tomorrow finally comes'
★★★★ A Younger Theatre

'a powerful reflection on care and the need to be cared for, the power of memory and our inability to live in the moment'
★★★★ Edinburgh Guide

'chilling and beautiful'
★★★★ The List

'Matthew Lenton’s ensemble of eight actors deliver a show that knocks you sideways – a show that comes with a hefty, emotional punch and leaves you with much to think about – and a disturbing vision of the tomorrow that awaits us all.' 
Fringe Review

'Among the many highlights (of the fringe) was “Tomorrow,” in which the Glasgow company Vanishing Point took on ageing and dementia in a haunting, meditative production at the Traverse.'
New York Times

★★★★ The Sunday Times

★★★★ TVBomb

'From hilarious black humour to scenes that have the audience in tears, Tomorrow is a visually striking show that cleverly attempts to capture the experience of dementia from the viewpoint of the sufferers and the carers.'




A co-production between Vanishing Point, Brighton Festival, Tramway (Glasgow) and Cena Contemporânea (Brasilia), in association with SESC (Sao Paulo), Stanislavsky Season Festival (Moscow), Platform (Easterhouse) and National Theatre Studio (London).

Created by Vanishing Point
Conceived and directed by Matthew Lenton
Design by Jamie Harrison
Lighting design by Kai Fischer
Music and sound by Mark Melville
Dramaturgy and text (together with the Company) Pamela Carter
Costume design by Jessica Brettle
Creative collaborators Pauline Goldsmith & Damir Todorovic
Assistant Director Becky Hope-Palmer (supported by the Federation of Scottish Theatre Assistant Director’s Bursary)

Performers (2016) Elicia Daly, Stephen Docherty, Hannah Donaldson, William Ferreira, Peter Kelly, Aleksandra Kuzenkina, Mercy Ojelade and Ewan Somers

Performers (2014/15) Elicia Daly, Stephen Docherty, William Ferreira, Jenny Hulse, Samuel Keefe, Peter Kelly, Aleksandra Kuzenkina and Mercy Ojelade

The participation of actor William Ferreira was supported by the Fundo de Apoio à Cultura do Distrito Federal (Brasília).

Production Manager Fiona Fraser
Stage Manager Lee Davis
Deputy Stage Manager Gillian Richards
Assistant Stage Manager Kara Jackson
Technical Stage Manager GianLuca Tomasella & Paul Tucker
Lighting Technician Andrew Gannon & Kevin Smith
Sound Engineer Amir Sherhan
Digital Image Technician Gary Birnie
PR New Century PR 
Social Media Niall Walker



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