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The Sightless

The Sightless is based on the haunting play by Maurice Maeterlinck.

In a place, which not a single shaft of light penetrates.A group of men and women, blind to their surroundings, sit separated from each other. Abandoned by their sighted leader, they grow ever more afraid of the sounds that surround them and the darkness that envelops them.

The Sightless, performed in total darkness, is an unnerving thriller about perception, prejudice and the extent to which the fears that haunt us come from within.

Performance dates

11 October - 20 October, 2001

Tron Theatre, Glasgow

16 August - 22 August, 1999

Venue 118 Calton Centre
Edinburgh Festival Fringe

09 June - 10 June, 1998

Battersea Arts Centre, London 
Playing in the Dark Season


'The Sightless left me speechless… Go and see it, it’s fantastic.'
Radio Forth

'This is not an experience for the claustrophobic or fragile. But it is intense, revealing and beautifully performed.'
The Scotsman

'An unsettling, vivid and intense experience.'
The Herald



Adapted from the play by Maurice Maeterllnck
Directed by Matthew Lenton

Michael Derrington, David Ireland, Matthew Lenton, Gary McInnes, Hestor Musson, Shernaz Patel and Gavin Smith


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