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The Metamorphosis: Unplugged

The Metamorphosis: Unplugged

A  warm-hearted theatre show with live music that tells the story of Gregor Samsa, an ordinary man who wakes up one morning to discover he has turned into  a giant insect. Keen not to be late for work, unable to leave his bedroom and surrounded by his increasingly confused and neglectful  family, Gregor’s story amuses and compels in equal measure.

Based on Franz Kafka’s iconic novella Metamorphosis, this ‘unplugged’ retelling of the story is performed by Tori Burgess (Pride and Prejudice* (*Sort Of)) and Fiona Wood (The Steamie) in an intimate, up-close setting.

From the same team that brought you The Dark Carnival: Unplugged - join us on tour around Scotland, as we welcome you to Gregor’s world with a free (though not compulsory!)  glass of something for everyone. 

PLEASE NOTE: this tour has been postponed until Spring 2021 due to restrictions around COVID-19. 


Performance dates

The Metamorphosis: Unplugged will tour Scotland in Spring 2021. 




Created by Vanishing Point
After the story by Franz Kafka
Directed by Vanishing Point Associate Director Joanna Bowman 

Photo: Mihaela Bodlovic

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