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Stars Beneath the Sea

An underwater odyssey of unfathomable depth. With fish.

Stars Beneath The Sea is a show about being underwater. It tells the story of the brave and brilliant pioneers of deep sea diving, and one man in particular, who pushed his life and sometimes the lives of others, to the limit.

It is a show about depth, beauty and determination and incredibly stupid ideas, about the lonely impulse of delight that led people on hilarious journeys towards ingenious invention as well as tragic failure.

Stars Beneath The Sea takes audiences to a place they never expected to go, but will never want to leave. Combining physical performance, animation, original music and projection.

Performance dates

28 May - 28 June, 2003

Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh

24 May - 24 May, 2003

Cumbernauld Theatre

23 May - 23 May, 2003

The Lemon Tree, Aberdeen

20 May - 21 May, 2003

Leeds Metropolitan University, Studio Theatre

17 May - 17 May, 2003

macrobert, Stirling

15 May - 15 May, 2003

Junction, Cambridge Drama Centre

07 May - 10 May, 2003

Tramway, Glasgow


'Vanishing Point have established a reputation for exemplary stagecraft. Part of the magic is in the puppeteering…a lot of it is in the wit and attention to detail…but what elevates this production above other small scale theatre is the way it hints at things way beyond its own limits.'
The Times

'Stars Beneath the Sea is a fairy tale about exploration… with an admirable lightness of touch it suggests our constant need to extend the boundaries of our knowledge and what we can do. And I like that.'
Edinburgh Festival Newspaper

'It is a brave and ambitious production that makes good use of various theatre tools - music, film projection and puppetry. The story of inventor Hans Haldane and his attempt to reach a wreck off the coast of a small Greek island with the help of local song-divers, is well told with fine performances, particularly from Sandy Grierson (Haldane) and the mesmerising Itxaso Moreno.'
The Scotsman

'Seriously good theatre for all the family.'
Mail on Sunday

'Director Matthew Lenton takes on all comers in his ability to generate visual devices that carry both narrative and metaphorical weight.'



Created by Vanishing Point 
Inspired by the book by Trevor Norton
Directed and designed by Kai Fischer and Matthew Lenton
Lighting Design by Kai Fischer
Music by John Anderson
Assistant Director Andrew Panton

Sandy Grierson
Hans Haldane
Sean Hay George Philipousis / Franco
Skye Loneragan Greta / Mr Onassis / Maria
Itxaso Moreno Paola

Revival for Edinburgh Fringe Festival performed by Sandy Grierson, Sean Hey, Itxaso Moreno.

Technical Stage Manager Sergey Jakovsky
Stage Manager Paul Murphy
Props Kati Clark
Puppets made by Shane Connolly
Blacksmith Simon Cook

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