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Space 11

Between 2004 – 2012, Vanishing Point provided support through Space 11, a capacity building project for emerging artists, theatre and dance companies.

A shared resources pilot project with support from the Scottish Arts Council and Glasgow City Council, the aim of the Space 11 was to develop and support emerging artists who would eventually work at the forefront of Scottish theatre and dance.  This support included providing an office with computer and internet facilities, a mentoring scheme and an environment where expertise and advice could be shared. It encouraged a spirit of collaboration, co-operation, generosity and openness and led to us re-evaluating the different ways in which artists emerge and how work is made.   

The project enjoyed tremendous success, evidenced through the emergence of a number of highly successful artists. Artists that have received support through Space 11 include Vox Motus, David Leddy/Fire Exit Ltd, Random Accomplice, Company Chordelia, Pamela Carter/ek Performance and Glas(s) Performance.

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