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Saturday Night

Going out night, fun night … or are you staying at home?

We are watching through the windows of a house, with a garden: different rooms, different people. What unfolds within is a mystery to be pieced together. Who is the young couple recently moved in? Whatis he doing in the bathroom? Who is that strange presence up above? And what is it that’s moving in the garden?

Saturday Night is about the environments we create for ourselves and call home, the dreams we build together, the secrets we keep from each other. It is about the creeping force of nature and the respite we find in the smallest of pleasures.

You see everything.

You hear nothing.

The clues are there.

What is your version of the story?

Saturday Night is the darker, dreamier and more surreal companion piece to Vanishing Point’s innovative and popular show, Interiors.

Saturday Night developed ideas that emerged through the creation of our multi-award-winning show Interiors – exploring a powerfully organic combination of theatrical performance, music and video.  Starting points included photographs by internationally acclaimed British artist Tom Hunter, Gregory Crewdson – renowned by his staged pictures of houses and suburbs from a crepuscular, surreal America – and  In Sook Kim, who fantasises about the private universe of people who live in transparent buildings.

When we look at a photograph, we read deeply into a single image, imagining the story the photograph tells. We bring our imagination to bear upon it. Who are the protagonists? What are they doing there? Is the relationship between them friendly or dangerous? There is a mystery, which we have to solve. We are really active ‘voyeurs’, reading meaning into the intricate details and clues the image provides. When that picture starts moving, like a television programme, the component parts and their relationship to each other become less significant. No longer, it seems, are we being asked to read our own meaning into a picture. Rather, we are waiting to be shown what the picture will reveal.

Performance dates

15 September - 18 September, 2011

Teatro Nacional Sao Joao, Porto, Portugal

22 September - 25 September, 2011

Teatro Sao Luiz, Lisbon, Portugal

30 September, 2011

Centro Cultural Vila Flor, Guimaraes, Portugal

12 October - 15 October, 2011

Tramway, Glasgow, UK

19 October, 2011

Macrobert, Stirling, UK

26 October - 27 October, 2011

Eden Court, Inverness, UK

29 October - 30 October, 2011

Traverse, Edinburgh, UK


'Enough to take the breath away.'
★★ The Scotsman
Read the full review here.

'Leaves you happily lost for words'
★ The Guardian
Read the full review here.

'An exquisitely realised meditation on life and death."
The Herald
Read the full review here.

'A rare and brilliant composition executed with perfection.'
Edinburgh Guide

'Looking stunning on Kai Fischer’s set and performed with tremendous precision by the six-strong cast, it adds up to a production that is as captivating as it is unusual.'



Co-produced by Vanshing Point (Glasgow), Teatro Nacional São João (Porto), Centro Cultural Vila Flor - Teatro Oficina (Guimarães), São Luiz Teatro Municipal (Lisbon) and Tramway (Glasgow) in association with Compagnia Teatrale Europea.

Created by Vanishing Point
Conceived & directed by Matthew Lenton
Set, lighting & projection designer Kai Fischer
Composer & sound designer Mark Melville
Costume designer Leah Lovett
Dramaturg Pamela Carter
Creative Associate Sandy Grierson

Teresa Arcanjo, Gabriel Da Costa, Sandy Grierson, Flávia Gusmão, Lara Hubinont and Hope Ross

Production Manager Fiona Fraser
Stage Manager Lee Davis
Technical Manager Neil McLean
Assistant Stage Manager Elaine Diffenthal
Production Technician Mhairhi Burton-Coyle
Photography Tim Morozzo and João Tuna
PR New Century PR
Set Build B Scenic
Graphic Design Greenlight Creative

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