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Rustaveli Theatre Project

In 2010 we were invited, by the National Theatre Studio and the Rustaveli theatre, to lead a workshop with Georgian actors in Tbilisi. This week-long workshop further developed some of the formal ideas we had explored in our show Interiors, and laid the foundations for its follow-up, Saturday Night. Working in groups with director Matthew Lenton, the actors created minimalist dance-like scenarios, which focused on visual story-telling without the use of words, but with characters apparently ‘speaking’ to each other behind a glass screen. The work-in-progress presentation consisted of a sequence of such scenes, shown in silence but repeated using words, and provoking discussion and debate among the audience.

Performance dates

14 March - 19 March, 2010

Rustaveli Theatre, Tbilisi


This was a work in progress performance and was not reviewed by the press.



Director Matthew Lenton

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