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Odisseia : Teatro Du Mundo

In 2011 we began making a new work in collaboration with Teatro Nacional Sao Joao (Porto, Portugal). The first stage of the collaboration took place in April - May and consisted of a five-week development workshop with performers from the UK, Belgium, France and Portugal. The development workshop culminated in an informal public presentation at the São Bento da Vitória Monastery and also provided training for young professional performing artists who were given the opportunity to observe the process. This stage of the process was part of TNSJ's Odisseia project. 

This workshop led to the creation and performance of Saturday Night.

When we look at a photograph, we read deeply into a single image, imagining the story the photograph tells. We bring our imagination to bear upon it. Who are the protagonists? What are they doing there? Is the relationship between them friendly or dangerous? There is a mystery, which we have to solve. We are really active ‘voyeurs’, reading meaning into the intricate details and clues the image provides. When that picture starts moving, like a television programme, the component parts and their relationship to each other become less significant. No longer, it seems, are we being asked to read our own meaning into a picture. Rather, we are waiting to be shown what the picture will reveal.Saturday Night begins as a series of photographs joined together. A series of mysterious images, precise, beautiful, heightened, detailed, each accompanied by a piece of music, each telling a story. But is your version of the story the same as the person next to you? Can you tell exactly what is going on, can you fit the pieces of the puzzle together, or will the mystery remain?

Performance dates

20 May, 2011

Mosteiro de Sao Bento, Porto


This was work-in-progress presentation and wasn't reviewed by the press. 



Directed by Matthew Lenton
Set, lighting and AV design by Kai Fischer
Dramaturg Pamela Carter
Music and sound designed by Mark Melville
Costume designed by Eve Lambert
Creative Associate Sandy Grierson
Performers Flavia Gusmao, Gabriel da Costa, Lara Hubinont, Sandy Grierson and Teresa Arcanjo

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