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Macbeth (Beijing)

The Macbeth project in Beijing was a continuation of our work with the National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts, which began at the Stanislavsky Estate at Liubimovka, outside Moscow, in 2013.

Having collaborated twice with Professor Liu and his team of performers (see Liubimovka), we were invited to Beijing to lead a workshop on Macbeth, which culminated in a work-in-progress presentation.

We explored the pay through a contemporary Chinese translation, incorporating some of the techniques and practices of the Chinese Opera and seeking ways two distinct theatre cultures could come together to create something unique. We found common ground in many of the techniques of the Chinese Opera, with an emphasis on visual storytelling, action and physical precision. We hope to develop this project in the future, creating a new work that will be presented in Scotland, the UK and China.

Performance dates

23 March - 03 April, 2015

National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts, Beijing


This was a work-in-progress presentation and was not reviewed by the press.



Director Matthew Lenton
Creative Associates Elicia Daly & Sandy Grierson

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