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Invisible Man

They say I am an impostor, a fantasist. I say I am an escapologist.

Invisible Man is the wordless story of an improbable imposture. A violin maker and her husband make beautiful instruments for a brutal buyer, who profits by exporting them across the border to the city that glows in the distance.

Hypnotised by dreams of the city and the freedom it offers, one night the man makes a break for it, leaving the woman to face the music. But nearby, a prisoner escapes from his cell and arrives at the house of the woman. Frightened at first, they soon begin a daring façade in the face of increasingly suspicious authorities.

Combining physical performance, puppetry, projected digital imagery and an original music score, Invisible Man is a haunting and deeply atmospheric show.

Performance dates

18 April, 2003

Festival OuestNordOuest
Scene nationale de Quimper

23 January - 24 January, 2003

L’agha Theatre
Ajaccio, Corsica

27 June - 29 June, 2002

Tron Theatre, Glasgow

20 June, 2002

Leeds Metropolitan University, Studio Theatre

13 June, 2002

Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh


'a stunningly beautiful one hour elegy to the relationship between a humble woman violin-maker and her restless husband, who dreams of Paris, New York, and a world beyond their narrow lives'
The Scotsman

'Bubbling over with sex and violins…By all but dumping words, the mother of invention has come into the spotlight to create a movingly roughshod collage of sound and vision.'
The Herald

'What is striking about this one hour show is its sheer visual beauty…The Vanishing Point team bring the ideas together with terrific lyricism and flair, creating a dark domestic space illuminated by lap-like images of beauty, exoticism or threat, and at one point, breathtakingly transformed – by a single shaft of light – into the towering forest of trees… the movement between the central couple, full of conflict, irritation and passion, is breathtakingly eloquent.'
The Scotsman

'The set, co-designed and directed by Kai Fischer and Matthew Lemon, is fantastic, with subtle lighting, atmospheric sound, daring visuals and sparse props all being used to perfection. The acting is also top· notch. ltxaso Moreno (wife) and Keith Macpherson (doubling up as both husband and impostor) give strong physical performances which transcend the natural limits placed upon them.'
Edinburgh Evening News

'The company's intention is clearly to emulate an atmosphere akin to Kafka's paranoid novels, and in this the show is largely successful. The two main performers, Keith Macpherson and Itxaso Moreno, both show fierce intensity and physical elan in their roles, while a central European setting is suggested by the costumes and by certain elements of John Anderson's excellent, moody score.'
Sunday Herald




Directed & Designed by Kai Fischer & Matthew Lenton
Digital Imaging by Chris Rowland
Sound Design by John Anderson
Production Manager Ken Savva
Technician Kate Pearce

Performed by Keith Macpherson & Itxaso Moreno

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