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Winter. Behind a window, in a cosy room, a group of friends gather for a meal. The lamps are on, everyone is happy. Talk begins and stories unfold around the table. There is laughing, flirting, joking, eating and dancing. But sadness soon threads its way through the occasion, marked by the appearance of a mysterious stranger outside the window.

Interiors is inspired by Nobel Prize winner Maurice Maeterlinck’s astonishing play, Interior. Utterly hypnotic, deeply mysterious and powerfully intense, Interiors is an award-winning, internationally acclaimed production.

Performance dates

02 February - 05 February, 2022

Barbican Theatre, London, as part of London International Mime Festival

27 January - 28 January, 2022

Beacon Arts Centre, Greenock

28 November - 01 December, 2019

Shanghai Grand Theatre, Shanghai, China
Presented by Beijing 707 N-Theatre Co

22 November - 24 November, 2019

Donggong Theatre, Beijing, China
Presented by Beijing 707 N-Theatre Co

15 November - 17 November, 2019

Myeongdong Theater, Seoul, South Korea
Presented by The National Theatre Company of Korea

24 October - 25 October, 2018

Shanghai Grand Theatre
Shanghai International Mime Festival
Presented by Beijing 707 N-theatre Co. Ltd and Edinburgh Fringe Showcase in China

05 August - 08 August, 2016

The Lyceum
Edinburgh International Festival 

Supported by the National Lottery through Creative Scotland

24 November - 25 November, 2014

The 3rd International Festival of World Classics: New Classics of Europe

17 October - 20 October, 2013

Teatro Municipal de las Condes, Santiago A Mil

11 October - 13 October, 2013
26 October - 28 October, 2012

Stanislavsky Season International Theatre Festival, Moscow, Russia

08 May - 10 May, 2012

Brighton Festival

20 April - 21 April, 2012

BOZAR, Brussels, Belgium

18 May - 22 May, 2011

Teatro Eliseo, Rome, Italy

12 May - 13 May, 2011

Teatro Storchi, Modena, Italy

02 November - 06 November, 2010

Theatre de la Ville, Paris

20 October - 21 October, 2010

Unity Theatre, Liverpool

15 October - 16 October, 2010

Canolflan Celfyddydau, Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Aberystwyth

08 October - 09 October, 2010

Eden Court, Inverness

29 September - 02 October, 2010

Tramway, Glasgow

22 September, 2010

PLATFORM at The Bridge, Easterhouse

10 June - 14 June, 2009

Napoli Teatro Festival ltalia, Sannazaro Theatre, Naples

12 May - 16 May, 2009

Tron Theatre, Glasgow

21 April - 09 May, 2009

Lyric Hammersmith, London

17 April, 2009

The Lemon Tree, Aberdeen

15 April, 2009

macrobert, Stirling

03 April - 11 April, 2009

Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh


'A perfect show… it is as though we, the audience, are peeping through a lit-up window in a house at night watching a dinner. An elderly man enters.. then his grand-daughter. Finally five guests… they sit down at table and a conversation begins that we do not hear. But the show is not voiceless. A voice off-stage sums up the conversation for us.'
★★★★★ Corriere Della Sera 

'A beguiling piece of theatre that is sad, funny and heartbreakingly humane… the subtext comes across more volubly than classic Chekhov… deliciously poignant.'
★★★★★ The Guardian 

'An exquisite fusion of heightened behaviour married to a gorgeously languid atmosphere of sanctuary created by Finn Ross’s projections, Kai Fischer’s lighting and Alasdair Macrae’s melancholy piano score. Combined, a poignantly beautiful thumbnail sketch of human lives in motion is the result.'
★★★★★ The Herald 

'Through its juxtaposition of humour, heartbreak and the accumulation of seemingly insignificant events to reveal the sadness and isolation each character feels, the show is mesmerising and reminiscent of Chekhov’s short stories at their best.'
★★★★★ Metro 

'It’s hilarious… this production wraps its comedy in a sense of mortal peril and, consequently, great pathos… Matthew Lenton’s production puts its chilling finger on the pulse of what makes us want to get drunk, fling our limbs around wildly to ‘Video Killed the Radio Star’ and touch each other – even when that touch is tragicomically unwelcome.'
★★★★★ Time Out 

'Interiors nails the reality of the human experience, tragedy next to joy, pettiness next to generosity. It’s Chekhovian too as it captures the mortality lurking behind every life… Absorbing, beautifully nuanced with superb acting and direction, it is the best play I’ve seen this year.'
★★★★★ The Skinny 

'A hugely clever, rich and entertaining piece of theatre, that shifts effortlessly between farce and tragedy, laughter and dread, domestic familiarity and abstract mystery… the acting is immaculate, the production technically superb, the comedy sharp and funny, and the rhythm of the show both beautiful and compelling. In Interiors, Lenton has created a world-class piece of international theatre that turns the limitations of the genre into genuine strengths.'
★★★★ The Scotsman 

;This beguiling, beautifully performed production confirms the company as one to watch.'
★★★★ Financial Times 

'Every element – from the performances, to Kai Fischer’s supple set design and atmospheric lighting and Alasdair Macrae’s haunting soundscape – gels to create a poignant, incisive, at times uncomfortable, exploration of human isolation.'
★★★★ The List 

'Interiors is one of the most daring and original theatre productions I have ever seen… Very few productions linger with me as much as this one has. I find that I am still haunted by it, by the performances, by many of the images, even by much of the music… This is simply unmissable and will probably be remembered as one of the best artistic events in Scotland this year.'
Onstage Scotland

'Vanishing Point are such a stunningly disciplined, convinced, harmonised, and therefore moving, group of actors, that they transcend the cheap tricks of shock, horror and obscenity to give us real, human theatre.'
Online Review London

'This is a perfectly-constructed production beautifully acted and realised that grabs the attention at the start and never lets up. Go and see it if you are interested in the nature of performance and playwriting or merely want an intriguing and fulfilling night out.'
British Theatre Guide

'When we come across a “fruit” like Interiors (Internatioal co-production, Enbglish and Italian actors chosen carefully after a selection process) we are overcome by the exciting feeling that we are watching something that will have a future.'
★★★★ L’Unita 

'A very successful co-production created by Matthew Lenton and inspired by Maeterlink, where the public watches a family dinner unfold without hearing the voices of the formidable “human goldfish” who enjoy it. A lady dressed in white interprets the actiosn and words of the dedicated characters.'
★★★★★ La Republica 

WINNER Best Production; Best Director & Best Ensemble - Critics Awards for Theatre Scotland 2009
WINNER Argus Angel Award 2012



Originally a co-production with Napoli Teatro Festival Italia, Mercadante Teatro Stabile di Napoli and Traverse Theatre in association with Lyric Hammersmith and Tron Theatre. Interiors was developed with the support of the National Theatre Studio.

Conceived and directed by Matthew Lenton
Inspired by the play Interior by Maurice Maeterlinck
Set and lighting design by Kai Fischer
Music and sound design by Alasdair Macrae
Projection and video design by Finn Ross 
Costume design by Eve Lambert
Story and text by the Company
Dramaturg by Pamela Carter
Creative Associate Sandy Grierson
Assistant Director Rosie Kellagher (2010/11/12)
Assistant Director Rebecca Morris (2012)
Assistant Director Sarah Short (2016)
Supprting Sound Artist Ross Ramsay
International Distributor Aldo Grompone, Rome
Production Manager Fiona Fraser
Stage Manager Mickey Graham / Lee Davis
Deputy Stage Manager Catherine Devereaux / Kara Jackson 
Technical Manager Maria Bechelaani / James Gardner 
Lighting Supervisor Kate Bonney 
Lighting and Sound Supervisor Andrew Gannon
Video Supervisor Neil McLean / Andrew Reid 
Casting Director Laura Donnelly (2016)
Set Build B Scenic
Photography Tim Morozzo
Graphic Design Greenlight Creative

Performers (2018)
Olivia Barrowclough, Elicia Daly, Pauline Goldsmith, Paul Thomas Hickey, John Kazek, Peter Kelly, Aurora Peres, Davide Pini Carenzi

Performers (2016)
Elicia Daly, John Kazek, Peter Kelly, Aurora Peres, Davide Pini Carenzi, Barnaby Power, Barbara Rafferty, Ruby Richardson

Performers (2014)
Paul Thomas Hickey, Peter Kelly, Gemma McElhinney, Aurora Peres, Davide Pini Carenzi, Ruby Richardson, Ann Scott-Jones, George Lasha

Performers (2012/13)
Paul Thomas Hickey, Peter Kelly, Aurora Peres, Davide Pini Carenzi, Ruby Richardson, Ann Scott-Jones, Rosalind Sydney, Damir Todorovic

Performers (2012)
Robert Jack, Peter Kelly, Aurora Peres, Davide Pini Carenzi, Ruby Richardson, Ann Scott-Jones, Rosalind Sydney, Damir Todorovic

Performers (2011)
Robert Jack, Peter Kelly, Sara Lazzaro, Aurora Peres, Davide Pini Carenzi, Ann Scott-Jones, Rosalind Sydney, Damir Todorovic

Performers (2010)
Elspeth Brodie, Sara Lazzaro, Andrew Melville, Aurora Peres, Davide Pini Carenzi, Barnaby Power, Ann Scott-Jones, Damir Todorovic

Performers (2009)
Elicia Daly, Sara Lazzaro, Myra McFadyen, Andrew Melville, Aurora Peres, Davide Pini Carenzi, Barnaby Power, Damir Todorovic



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