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Home Hindrance

A site-specific theatre piece and web-based film performed in David Leddy’s own flat at the top of a Glasgow tower block.

There are only six people allowed in the audience each night, making for an intimate and intense night out as they are led through the flat, finding a different actor in each room. This emotionally compelling piece weaves together such diverse themes as chronic sickness, soft porn magazines, weird Japanese food and ‘SOS’ by Abba.

In Home Hindrance, life at the top of a Glasgow tower block becomes melded with life on board the international space station, which can be seen on clear nights from the bedroom window.

The play takes a semi-autobiographical look at the writer’s own experience of living with a chronically sick partner for the last five years. At the same time, the piece investigates the degree to which any play is ‘based on a true story’ and the problematic ethics of writing about the lives of people close to you.

Oh, it’s a love story too.

Performance dates

01 May - 19 May, 2007

David Leddy's Flat, Glasgow 


'The ordinary-yet-extraordinary domestic setting combines with the haunting quality of Leddy’s script and the perfectly-focussed energy of Matthew Lenton’s production for Vanishing Point, to create something exceptional… David Leddy’s flat is the place to be over the next two weeks if you want to experience some mind-blowingly fine writing and acting, at uniquely close quarters'
The Scotsman

“Our proximity to the fine cast is like a secular version of a medieval audience member feeling the heat of Christ’s body as he passes during a passion play… Home Hindrance is a memorable production”
Sunday Herald

“An up-close and personal co-production between Leddy and Vanishing Point, Home Hindrance delivers a moving portrait of lives lived and, just as importantly, a life lost”

“A touching requiem for the living… We find the lines between fact and fiction blurring and the questions of life, death and illness reaching out beyond the characters into the wider world.”
The Guardian



A co-production with David Leddy
Written by David Leddy
Directed by Matthew Lenton
Designed by David Leddy and Matthew Lenton

Brian Conaghan, Gowan Calder, Paul Thomas Hickey, Louise Ludgate,
Allan Sawers, Clare Yuille 

Project Manager Fraser Thompson-Noble
General Manager Severine Wyper
PR New Century PR


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