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Ecole des Maitres

After Interiors, Vanishing Point’s Artistic Director Matthew Lenton was asked to lead the 2010 École des Maîtres, working with actors from France, Belgium, Portugal and Italy. The project which is now in its nineteenth year, is led by Franco Quadri.  The school offers recent graduates from European theatre schools and academies the opportunity to work with international theatre directors over a period of six weeks in the cities of Udine and Naples.

Presentations of a work-in-progress took place in Naples, Brussels and Lisbon and in Reims in December 2010.

The 2012 production of Wonderland developed from these workshops.

Alice in Wonderland, the pornography industry and the universe of the internet were some of the themes explored during the Ecole des Maitres, resulting in the development and premiere of Wonderland in 2012.

Performance dates

02 August - 19 August, 2010

Stage a Udine, Teatro S. Giorgio

19 August, 2010

Udine, Teatro S. Giorgio

20 August - 20 August, 2010

stage a Napoli, Spazio Körper

30 August - 07 September, 2010

stage a Napoli, Teatro Sannazaro

08 September, 2010

presentazione pubblica a Napoli, Teatro Sannazaro

11 September, 2010

presentazione pubblica a Bruxelles

14 September, 2010

presentazione pubblica a Lisbona, Teatro Nacional D. Maria II

07 September - 10 September, 2010

stage a Reims, La Comédie de Reims

11 December, 2010

presentazione pubblica a Reims, La Comédie de Reims


This was a work-in-progress presentation and was not reviewed by the press.



Director Matthew Lenton 
Creative Associate Sandy Grierson



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