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A Brief History of Time

A journey featuring performance, projection, gambling, unfathomable space and a giant rabbit.

A reluctant, but well paid giant rabbit begins the journey around the space of Tramway where you will come across a projection and music installation that will dwarf you and animation that will literally alter your perspective.

There is a strange and decadent game of roulette. You can play if you want to, hunched over a cocktail and surrounded by fleeting shadows, but only if you win can you experience an unpredictable journey through a vast and mysterious darkness.

A Brief History of Time was a performance installation inspired by Stephen Hawking’s phenomenal best-selling book, which combined performance, video, imagery, gambling, puppetry, theatre and science.

Performance dates

20 November - 23 November, 2002

Tramway, Glasgow


'Vanishing Point's line of inquiry is both deadly serious and positively cutesy in its playfulness; it's as revelatory as it is questioning, and more of a trip than any conjured-up psychedelic could ever imagine. Moving stuff, for sure.'
The Herald

'What Vanishing Point have created in this show is a spiritual journey of the most ancient kind, a little pilgrimage from light to dark and back again that alters our consciousness and leaves us with an enhanced sense of the wonder and beauty of life. And that is the kind of experience on which it’s difficult to place a price.'
The Scotsman

'A provocative and intelligent evocation of an idea…stylistically and intellectually bold.'
Sunday Herald



Directed and designed by Kai Fischer and Matthew Lenton
Text by Kai Fischer, Matthew Lenton, Norman Gray, Paul Johnson
Original Music by Malcolm Lindsay
Michael Derrington, Robbie Jack, Jamie Harrison,
Matthew Lenton, Michelle Rodley, Laura Smales

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