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Assistant Director & Director

Position: Assistant Director & Director (New Directions)
Job Type: Freelance
Fee: Above the minimum ITC / Equity 2019/20 rate
Dates: 8 weeks in Jan & Feb & approx. 4 weeks in May 2020 
Where: Scotland / Italy - rehearsals will take place in Glasgow followed by a tour

New Directions is an initiative created to provide training, employment and opportunities for emerging directors based in Scotland.

In 2019/20 Vanishing Point will create a new, international main-stage co-production based on a well-known text with the Tron Theatre Glasgow, Teatro Emilia Romagna, Bologna and the VIE Festival, Italy’s most important theatre festival.

Following this main-stage production, Vanishing Point will produce a new small-scale show based on the same text that will tour around Scotland to at least 14 venues. The two creative processes may be connected or different.

We are looking for an individual, to assist on the main-stage production, who will then have the opportunity to create/adapt and direct the small-scale, touring version. This is an opportunity for someone to develop their learning and practice as an assistant and then go on to direct a show independently, with the full support and resources of Vanishing Point.

The main-stage show will be an international collaboration, involving performers from across Europe. It will open at the VIE Festival, Bologna, in February 2020 before touring Scotland and internationally.

The small-scale version will be shaped by you. The scale will be based on the structural model of The Dark Carnival: Unplugged – i.e. it must be able to ‘go anywhere’. There will be a maximum of 3 people on the road, on ITC / Equity contracts and a small production budget. It will be technically minimal. There will be a van to tour in, and transport and accommodation will be provided or paid for. We expect the constraints of scale to influence and enrich the kind of show that is created. It should offer ‘a good night out’. It might (but not necessarily) involve a more informal presentation style, a direct relationship with the audience, storytelling, humour music - some of the elements our audiences told us they enjoyed in The Dark Carnival: Unplugged. You will be responsible for creating and directing this show for Vanishing Point.

More specific information about the show will be given at interview.

How to Apply

For further information and details about how to apply, please download the job pack - available here. Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form (optional) can be downloaded here

Closing date for applications is Friday 12 July at 5pm. We will select candidates for interview and notify them by 19 July 2019. If you haven’t heard from us by 19th July, please assume you haven’t been successful. Interviews will take place in Glasgow on 24 and 25 July 2019.

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